Reduce My
Carbon Footprint

Following the European Union’s pledge to become the first carbon neutral continent by 2050, ECONOS supports companies to set ambitious emission reduction targets affecting the value chain as a whole - from the supplier to the final consumer - in line with the Paris Agreement objectives.

ECONOS has an extensive and industry-tailored database of suggestions to minimize carbon emissions across the complete supply chain. We are doing this by collaborating and drawing experience from our meaningful partnerships with sustainable companies. This approach allows us to focus on reducing our clients' carbon footprint in accordance with the Paris Agreement and the Science-Based Targets Initiatives (SBTi), while also advising on sustainable practices and environmental responsibility.



The European Commission's Guidelines on reporting climate-related information recommend describing any climate-related targets the company has set as part of its policies. GHG emissions targets are especially important along with how the company targets relate to national/international targets and to the Paris Agreement in particular. The recommended key performance indicators are:

Sustainable Services

Explore our sustainable services to level up your sustainability efforts.


Photovoltaic Panels

ECONOS offers the exclusive opportunity to pay the entire installation cost of solar panels.


Reusable water bottles

Our reusable water bottles are 100% made in the European Union, deliverable in 1 month and entirely customizable to fit the branding of your company.


Climate fresk workshop

Only when everyone understands the current climate emergency will we be able to act at the necessary scale. Let’s sensibilise your team to sustainability issues!


Carbon Certificates

Harvest the benefits of improving your carbon footprint by generating carbon certificates! Contact our team to find out the Eligibility Criteria.


Carbon compensation
and offsetting

Companies can reduce their carbon footprint by linking performance bonuses to sustainability goals, offering carbon offset credits as part of compensation, and providing eco-friendly commuting benefits. They can also give discounts on sustainable products to employees, implement green commuting programs, and support employee-led sustainability initiatives. Including sustainability metrics in stock options and equity plans, recognizing outstanding sustainability contributions, and promoting carbon-neutral travel policies are also effective.

Carbon offsets involve investing in projects like reforestation or renewable energy to balance out emissions produced elsewhere, helping to offset emissions that are difficult to eliminate completely.

Calculate your carbon funding and perform the diagnosis with the Carbon program in 4 steps: Create your account, explore the program, input data for the reference year, and input data for the project year.