Navigating ESG

Practical Workshop for Companies

Max amount of participants
Online or Offline
2-3 days

Workshop Overview

The Navigating ESG workshop is a hands-on experience designed to demystify ESG concepts and provide companies with practical ideas for improving their sustainability practices. Through a combination of expert-led presentations, interactive exercises and peer discussions, participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of ESG and how to apply it effectively in their organisations.

Therefore, this course aims to elucidate not only the theoretical underpinnings of sustainability but also its practical applications and the regulatory frameworks that have shaped its development. Through  exploration of these fundamental principles,participants will be equipped with the basic knowledge to understand the complex landscape of sustainability.


Key Workshop
ESG Fundamentals
Expert-led sessions to introduce participants to the basic principles of ESG. Exploration of environmental, social and governance dimensions and their impact on corporate performance and reputation.
ESG Assessment and Strategy Development
Guidance on developing ESG strategies aligned with organisational goals and values.
Data Collection and Reporting
Practical exercises on collecting ESG data and measuring key performance indicators. Best practices for transparent and effective ESG reporting.
Case Studies and Best Practices
Real-world case studies showcasing successful ESG integration in different industries. Insights on best practices from leading companies.
Stakeholder Engagement
Strategies for engaging stakeholders, including investors, customers, employees and communities. Building trust and credibility through effective communication.
Developing Steps to ESG
Interactive sessions to create customized ESG steps tailored to each company's unique circumstances and objectives.

Expected Workshop

Understanding ESG

Participants will leave with a solid foundation in ESG concepts and their relevance to business sustainability.

Practical Application

Companies will be equipped with the knowledge and tools to implement ESG principles within their organizations.

Improved Reporting

Participants will acquire the skills necessary to collect and analyze ESG data accurately and efficiently.

Informed Decision Making

Companies will be better prepared to make strategic decisions that take ESG factors into account.

Peer Learning and Collaboration

The workshop will foster a network of dedicated ESG companies, facilitating ongoing knowledge sharing and collaboration.