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Why Opt for ESG?

Enhanced Brand Reputation

Companies dedicated to ESG are perceived as more ethical, reliable, and trustworthy in the eyes of customers, leading to better customer loyalty and a favorable market reputation.

Increased Profitability

ESG-oriented companies benefit from improved operational efficiency, cost savings, and long-term profit growth. Sustainable business models not only enhance profitability but also mitigate risks associated with environmental disasters and social unrest.

Regulatory Compliance

As governments across the globe are introducing new regulations enforcing ESG standards, organizations must stay up-to-date with a dynamic regulatory landscape.

How it Works

ESG, which stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance, represents a framework of criteria used to evaluate a company's societal and environmental impact, as well as its transparency and accountability.


Double Materiality Assessment

The Consultant will assess and disclose impacts, risks, and opportunities based on the organization's activities, relationships, location, and other relevant factors.


Sustainability Strategy

The Consultant will strategically analyze double materiality results, conduct gap analysis, set baseline, define measurable goals, and create a deployment roadmap.


Data Inventory

The Consultant will collect, organize, and maintain relevant data for ESRS disclosure requirements, followed by qualitative and quantitative assessment for compliance.


Content Reporting & Design

The Consultant will transform numbers and ideas into a tailored story worth telling.

What our customers say about us

For METRO Romania, ECONOS represents an important partner in the process of cascading our GROUP ESG strategy throughout conducting the “CLIMATE FRESK” exercise, during different stages of the strategy implementation. Before starting everything else, you need to understand the majors: “why, when, and how”, translated in the perfect understanding of the problem before going to the solution and most importantly that the entire “CLIMATE FRESK” endeavor, in the end, creates the next coming behaviors, on the individual level and in the business culture.

Alina Elena Trufaș
Sustainability Manager - Metro Cash & Carry Romania

The experienced Econos team helped us to take the first steps in carbon footprint monitoring and offered us consultancy at every stage of the process with patience and promptness. The Econos team is made up of agile consultants, who use their in-depth knowledge of sustainability to develop plans for their clients to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and adopt more environmentally friendly practices. Thanks to our collaboration, Oxygen has become a future-proof agency valued by clients, employees, and the next generation.

Irina Manole
Head of Sustainability and CSR - Oxygen

Nhood's collaboration with ECONOS on conducting a comprehensive carbon footprint assessment was an important pillar for our sustainability efforts. With their tailored emissions dashboard, we swiftly took action on the hotspots identified by them. Moreover, ECONOS worked efficiently, helping us become aware of our Scope 3 emissions. They also demonstrated the necessary patience and diligence to thoroughly analyze our company's documentation, such as invoices and receipts, to ensure a comprehensive estimation of our carbon footprint. This deep dive into our records was instrumental in providing us with a complete understanding of our emissions profile.

Tudor Chira
Sustainability Manager - Nhood Romania

Choosing ECONOS for our sustainable water bottles for the entire team was an easy decision. Their commitment to environmental responsibility aligns seamlessly with our values. The bottles met all our quality standards and contributed to our mission of reducing plastic waste.

Pierre Cugnet
Managing Director - Sade Inginerie SRL

ECONOS has been guiding us at Calipso to comprehend the environmental impact of our carbon emissions. Their support has empowered our journey towards greater efficiency and environmental awareness as a business. Their depth of knowledge and experience have been beneficial to us, and we greatly appreciate their assistance.

Mihaela Nemeș
Quality Integrated Systems Manager - Calipso

Our ongoing collaboration with the ECONOS team has been very positive and impactful. We are conducting carbon footprint assessments with them for several partners of CSR Nest across the country in order to empower more public institutions to take responsibility for their environmental impact. The assessments have quantified significant environmental impacts from energy consumption, waste generation, or transportation, raising awareness about areas where improvements can be made to reduce carbon emissions and optimize resource utilization.

Anda Sebesi
Communication Director - CSR Nest Association

We highly recommend ECONOS for their easy-to-follow report, and efficient execution of our carbon footprint assessment process. Their meticulous analysis of emissions across all relevant categories showed us the activities with high CO2 emissions, guiding our reduction efforts and significantly advancing our sustainability initiatives.

Iulia Burcea
Financial Controller - Cronos

Partnering with ECONOS to evaluate our carbon footprint has been instrumental in aligning with our group's sustainability strategy. Their comprehensive analysis of our daily processing operations has provided valuable insights, enabling us to have a clear picture of our principal sources of emissions.

Luminița Știrbu
Quality, Environment and Training Manager - Piroux Industries Romania

For CCIFER, ECONOS is a very important partner who helped us to realize our first carbon footprint on our biggest event, the CCIFER 2022 Gala. With the very professional help of Mathieu and Aris, our teams were able to better understand what were the immediate improvements we could do as organizers to reduce the ecological impact of this event. We will continue this process together!

Adriana Record
Executive Director - Chambre de Commerce et d'industrie Française en Roumanie

Within the "Green Institute" global approach, in which all my teams in Bucharest, Cluj, lasi, and Timisoara are committed with conviction, it is crucial to possess objective elements that allow us to decline the triptych "measure - act - evaluate". With ECONOS professionals, we can rely on an expertise that fits our activity and also constitutes a showcase of French know-how.

Julien Chiappone-Lucchesi
Director of the French Institute of Romania Adviser on International and European strategic initiatives

As part of Groupama's sustainability journey, we decided to calculate the carbon footprint of one of our events with ECONOS. The entire process ran smoothly, from data collection to the receipt of the results in an easy-to-understand and aesthetically pleasing form. We were delighted by the professionalism and rigor manifested by such a young company. I would recommend them to anyone interested in the environmental impact of their activities.

Emanuela Naouri
Program & Project Manager - Groupama Asigurari Romania

In the company's effort to reduce the carbon footprint through a deep understanding of the impact on the environment, we received highly professional support from Econos for identifying the main carbon-generating factors, and finding the optimal solutions in gradual steps to their mitigation.Last but not least, the empowerment activities at the level of employees proved to be essential for the contribution to this process.

Gabi Argesan
General Manager - Just Master Activities

Through their work, our upcycling brand story is now backed by scientific data and became a core brand value easy to communicate and understand. I highly recommend the ECONOS team for their professionalism and positive spirit.

Alexandru Cristinoi
Founder - FAVR

ECONOS have been supporting us for two consecutive years in delivering auditable carbon footprint assessments Scope 1,2,3 for both financial year 2022 and 2023. From one year to another, based on their recommendations, our scope of work was extended to include the full Scope 3 categories. We can only recommend ECONOS' services for comprehensive and reliable carbon footprint assessments tailored to specific needs.

Adriana Marin
IFRS Reporting Specialist - DIGI RCS &RDS

By minimizing our reliance on single-use plastic and reducing our carbon footprint, our transition to reusable water bottles has been a meaningful step towards a more eco-conscious team. Thanks to ECONOS, we're hydrating responsibly while actively contributing to a healthier planet.

Adrian Drăgan
CEO (Romania, Moldavia, Ukraine) - TIMAC AGRO

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